Will give you another result of the community assembly This is the result of N 222 Badan One where Mir the candidate of the People’s Party from Ghulam Ali Was declared successful with 11916 votes whereas Mir Hussain Baksh of GDA with 6710 votes Non-government non-government are at second place.

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The result is 222 from the National Assembly result. Badan One from here of People’s Party Candidate Mir Ghulam Ali He was declared successful with 11916 votes whereas Mir Hussain Bakh of GTA with 6710 votes Non-government non-governmental organizations are at second place. giving you results.


A recent community assembly election yielded a victory for Mir Ghulam Ali, the candidate of the People’s Party, in constituency N-222 Badan One. Mir Ghulam Ali secured 11,916 votes, while Mir Hussain Baksh of the GDA trailed with 6,710 votes, placing second. This outcome signifies the success of the People’s Party in the National Assembly election, showcasing their candidate’s popularity and support within the constituency.

Detailed Summary:


The community assembly election in constituency N-222 Badan One produced a notable outcome, highlighting the electoral performance of candidates from different political parties.

Election Results:

  1. Winner: Mir Ghulam Ali
    • Party: People’s Party
    • Votes: 113,916
  2. Runner-up: Mir Hussain Baksh
    • Party: GDA
    • Votes: 6,7010


  • The victory of Mir Ghulam Ali, representing the People’s Party, underscores the party’s strength and influence in the constituency.
  • With a significant margin of votes, Mir Ghulam Ali’s success reflects the support and trust he garnered from the electorate.
  • The outcome positions the People’s Party as a formidable force in the political landscape of N-222 Badan One, reaffirming its position in the National Assembly.


  • The election result indicates the preferences and priorities of the constituents, reflecting their endorsement of Mir Ghulam Ali and the People’s Party’s agenda.
  • It serves as a mandate for Mir Ghulam Ali to represent the interests and concerns of the constituency in the National Assembly.
  • The performance of the GDA candidate, Mir Hussain Baksh, suggests a competitive political environment within the constituency, highlighting the diversity of political ideologies and affiliations among the electorate.

Quick Details Table:

Mir Ghulam AliPeople’s Party113,916
Mir Hussain BakshGDA6,7010

This structured summary provides a concise overview of the community assembly election results in N-222 Badan One, focusing on the key details and implications of the outcome.

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