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National Assembly’s signature is from Tandola Yaar Let’s share its result with you. 217 Tandola Yaar People’s Party Zulfiqar Bachani He is successful in comparison to them by taking 11530 votes. I was staying in GDA’s house 737 48 78 Sorry She has taken 7377 votes and she failed NA 217 Tandola is there to win this niche

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Yaar Ka Result Zulf Ali Bachani Peoples of the party Non has won from here with 11530 votes The result is largely unofficial from 331 polling stations. Tandola originates from the community assembly of the People’s Party won the election from Yaar

Significance of NA-217 Tando Allahyar

NA-217 Tandola Yaar holds strategic importance due to its representation in the National Assembly. The constituency’s electoral outcome reflects the preferences and political dynamics of the local populace, shaping the broader political landscape.

Tando Allahyar

In conclusion, the election results from NA-217 Tandola Yaar indicate a decisive victory for Zulfiqar Bachani of the People’s Party, reaffirming the party’s influence in the region. The outcome underscores the significance of grassroots support and effective campaign strategies in securing electoral success.

Quick Details

ConstituencyNA-217 Tandola Yaar
Winning CandidateZulfiqar Bachani (People’s Party)
Votes Secured119,530
Runner-up CandidateGDA Candidate
Runner-up Votes73,778
Total Polling Stations331