NA is the leader of Qaumi Assembly from Khairpur. This People’s Party is the result of 203 Khairpur.

Candidate of this Nishid managed to win Sir Fazal Shah is gone from here Is successful with 12530 votes while among them Pir Sadruddin Shah of GDA 96 Unofficial result: Lost by 133 votes.

This is also very interesting Nisha Rahi P Sadruddin Shah lost from GDA This result is also a tough competition But the people who are in the lead at this time That of the party’s candidate is now much higher.

Syed Fazal Shah People’s Party is visible Of This Nishad of Khairpur won by taking 12530 votes. Result of NA 203 Polling at all levels of 275 polling stations Station Result Sadaruddin Shah of GDA have lost this seat.

Quick Details

Election OutcomeWinner: Syed Fazal Shah (People’s Party)
Runner-up: Pir Sadruddin Shah (GDA)
Margin of Victory133 votes
Total Votes Cast25,927
Voter TurnoutHigh
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