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In the recent election in NA-145 Khanewal, Mohammad Khan Dah of the Noon League won with 10,911 votes, defeating independent candidate Aamir Mahmood who secured 5,618 votes. This outcome indicates Mohammad Khan’s victory in the Khanewal constituency NA-145.

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Mohammad Khan DahNoon League10,911
Aamir MahmoodIndependent5,618


In the electoral contest for NA-145 Khanewal, Mohammad Khan Dah, representing the Noon League, emerged victorious with a significant lead over his closest rival, independent candidate Aamir Mahmood. Mohammad Khan Dah secured 10,911 votes, demonstrating substantial support from the electorate. Meanwhile, Aamir Mahmood attained the second position with 5,618 votes, trailing behind Mohammad Khan Dah by a notable margin.


Mohammad Khan Dah’s triumph in NA-145 Khanewal holds significance within the political landscape of the constituency. As a member of the Noon League, his victory reinforces the party’s influence and support base in the region. The substantial margin of victory indicates a strong mandate from the voters, affirming Mohammad Khan Dah’s credibility and popularity among constituents.

Electoral Implications:

The outcome of the election in NA-145 Khanewal reflects the preferences and sentiments of the electorate regarding the respective candidates and their political affiliations. Mohammad Khan Dah’s win underscores the continued relevance and appeal of the Noon League in the constituency. Additionally, Aamir Mahmood’s performance as an independent candidate suggests the presence of diverse political dynamics within the electoral arena.


In conclusion, Mohammad Khan Dah’s victory in NA-145 Khanewal signifies a significant electoral triumph for the Noon League, securing 10,911 votes and outperforming independent candidate Aamir Mahmood. The outcome underscores the political dynamics and preferences within the constituency, highlighting the strength of party affiliations and the significance of individual candidate appeal in electoral contests.

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