Summary: Punjab Assembly Election Results PP 59 Gujranwala

In the Punjab Assembly election, PP 59 Gujranwala, an independent candidate, Nasir Cheema, who is a supporter of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), emerged victorious with 3,839 votes. Meanwhile, Bilawal Farooq of the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) secured 31,473 votes, placing second in the unofficial results. This outcome suggests PTI’s continued support in the region, highlighted by Nasir Cheema’s success.

Election Outcome

In the election for PP 59 Gujranwala in the Punjab Assembly, Nasir Cheema, running as an independent candidate with PTI’s backing, secured victory with 3,839 votes. His win underscores PTI’s strength and influence in the region.

Candidate Details

Nasir Cheema, supported by PTI, clinched victory with 3,839 votes, establishing himself as the elected representative for PP 59 Gujranwala. This outcome signifies the continued support for PTI in the constituency.

Opponent’s Performance

Bilawal Farooq, representing PML-N, garnered 31,473 votes, finishing second in the unofficial results. While Farooq’s performance reflects significant support for PML-N in the constituency, Nasir Cheema’s victory reinforces PTI’s position in the region.


The election results from PP 59 Gujranwala indicate PTI’s ongoing popularity and support among voters. Nasir Cheema’s win, backed by PTI, suggests the party’s stronghold in the region, despite a competitive electoral landscape.

Table: Election Results in PP 59 Gujranwala

Nasir CheemaIndependent (PTI)3,839
Bilawal FarooqPML-N31,473

In summary, Nasir Cheema’s victory in PP 59 Gujranwala signifies PTI’s continued dominance in the region, while Bilawal Farooq’s performance underscores the enduring presence of PML-N. The election results highlight the ongoing political dynamics within Punjab and the significance of party affiliations in electoral outcomes.

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