In the NA 10 banner, National Labic’s Alka NE, PTI’s supporter Yafta Independent Candidate Gauhar Ali Khan was declared successful with 1123 votes.

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whereas NP’s Abdul Rauf secured the second position with 30302 votes. Gair Hat Mi Non Government has been on the number.

The result is being given from NA 10 banner, where PTI’s supporters, Independent candidate Gauhar Ali Khan, were successful by securing 110023 votes,

while NP’s Abdul Rauf came second with 30302 votes. Non-governmental organizations have been at number one.

Election Results for NA-10 Constituency:

National Labic’s Alka NE1123
PTI’s Supporter Yafta110023
Independent Candidate Gauhar Ali Khan
NP’s Abdul Rauf30302
Gair Hat Mi Non Government1st Place

Detailed Analysis:

The election outcome for the NA-10 constituency has been revealed, showcasing National Labic’s Alka NE as the victor with 1123 votes.

securing the first position. Meanwhile, PTI’s supporter Yafta Independent Candidate Gauhar Ali Khan managed to garner significant support, attaining victory with 110023 votes in a subsequent declaration.

The noteworthy runner-up in this election was NP’s Abdul Rauf, who amassed 30302 votes, indicating a substantial voter base. Of particular interest is the prominent role played by non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

in influencing the election, as they occupied the top spot in terms of support. This underscores the diverse dynamics and influences at play within the electoral landscape.

The success of Independent Candidate Gauhar Ali Khan, backed by PTI, highlights the significance of party affiliations and endorsements in shaping electoral outcomes. The robust voter turnout and distribution of votes among various candidates.

reflect the democratic process’s vibrancy within the NA-10 constituency. As the results indicate, the competition was fierce, with candidates vying for support from a diverse electorate.

The detailed breakdown of votes provides valuable insights into the preferences and inclinations of voters within this constituency.

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