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In the 2024 NATAIPGET (National Assembly of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan General Elections), Gander Mahmood Khan and Sabik Wazir Ala Parvez Khattak emerged as the victors over non-official Native Special candidates in two constituencies:

Lahore and Mansara. Asif Ali Zardari endorsed Shahbaz Sharif’s success in Lahore, where Rehana Dar contested against Khawaja Asif.

Maryam Nawaz led the Harif candidates in Sarab Jahangir, while Maulana Aleem Khan enjoyed favorable standing.

Fazlul Rehman faced detention in Pashi, and Azad candidate Khan Ali Amin Gand posed significant competition against Ayaz Sadiq. Parvez Khattak secured third position in PP 32, Parvez Ilahi in Gujarat, and Chaudhary Salik in Waze Batari, with PP 159 representing Lahore.

Additionally, independent candidate Shandan Gulzar emerged victorious in N 30.

Detailed Analysis

Gander Mahmood KhanLahoreVictory
Sabik Wazir Ala Parvez KhattakMansaraVictory
Asif Ali ZardariLahoreEndorsed Success
Rehana DarLahoreContestant
Khawaja AsifLahoreContested Against
Maryam NawazSarab JahangirLed Candidates
Maulana Aleem KhanFavorable Position
Fazlul RehmanPashiDetained
Khan Ali Amin GandStrong Competitor
Ayaz SadiqContested Against
Parvez KhattakPP 32Third Position
Parvez IlahiGujaratPosition Secured
Chaudhary SalikWaze BatariPosition Secured
Shandan GulzarN 30Victory

This election witnessed various significant outcomes, including the endorsement of candidates, contentious contests, detentions, and notable victories across different constituencies.

Gander Mahmood Khan and Sabik Wazir Ala Parvez Khattak emerged as notable victors, while candidates like Maryam Nawaz and Maulana Aleem Khan played influential roles in their respective constituencies.

Moreover, the detention of Fazlul Rehman and the strong competition posed by Khan Ali Amin Gand added further intrigue to the electoral landscape. Additionally, independent candidate Shandan Gulzar’s victory in constituency N 30 marked a noteworthy development.

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